Reflect event moodboard


Reflect is the name of the LCA end of year part organised by the students union. I have put together a mood board of ideas that i feel would suit the decor of the event which is being held at Temple of Boom. After talking to the organisers of the event, i understood that there was an air of metallic, shiny and almost galactic space surrounding the event. The space itself is fairly plain, meaning that there is lots of room for transformation.

People wanted the event to be fancy but not too fancy which has effected my thoughts on the decor. With a fairly small budget, i would like to transform the space into a classy shimmery paradise. Using the event poster as a starting point, i have taken a colour palette consisting of, light pink, light blue, silver and gold.

Reflect moodboard

At the moment i am still unsure on what the budget will be for the decor of the event- but as always i am trying my best to think of the cheapest options. The thing that i want to start with is the pinata style disco ball shapes- the diamond in the middle of the mood board. I think it’ll be best to make these out of cardboard and then cover them which is easily done. I feel it is best for me to make some prototypes that can be shown to the even planner that can then decide whether or not their appropriate. As well as this along with the mood board, it would be useful to have examples to show anyone who wants to get involved with helping. After the issues had on the Gide party decorations with people not understanding the tasks asked of them i think it makes sense to provide a good example to use as a base. As well as this making prior to the event will give me time to experiment with materials and decide on what to bulk buy.

A site visit to the venue of the even has been planned for the 20th of May giving a week to make the decorations before the event.


White paper first 

When choosing which patterns to fold i have found that folding them on a smaller scale on plain paper first is a good place to start. I feel that it has allowed me to check whether or not i think it will work with the stitched element because if not there’s not an awful lot of point in using them.


The images above show the second set of paper experiments- i have incorporated grey thread into this fold- and also increased the size of the paper this paper is A2 so much bigger than the first. The paper i used here was not successful it was too thick causing it to crack when folded in a certain way- the folds were also quite messy- they weren’t as defined as the other piece. I’m glad that this happened as i has made me consider the paper i will be using for the next set. i thought card would be better and more sturdy but from these experiments it is clear that paper is much more agile and holds itself well.

I have also incorporated the grey thread into this piece- i like the way it creates a gradient and looks as though a series of threads have been used when they are actually all the same colour. I want to now use what i have learned here to make more exciting pieces using more colour and pattern that spans beyond the same triangle shape i have used here and previously.

Initial Paper Folds

After the first series of experiments these images show working with the paper folds instead of not. I have used all white as i feel it looks clean but it also offers an issue with visibility whcih is something i felt could be quite interesting. It might be nice to situate the piece in light that means the white thread can only be seen from certain angles. I want to try and make this same style piece on a bigger scale and play around with colour.

Matt Shilian Paper Fold Artist

Paper fold as objects


After experimenting with paper i was keen to see what artists are already doing- these are insanely good. All made in the same way as mine- but far more complicated- these have really inspired me to try and get the folds completely perfect- and remember simplicity within the work itself rather than over complicating it. This is where i feel it has made it clear to me that working with the pattern will make the piece much more successful than working against it creating an image on top of the folds.

Looking at this artist has also made me think about paper as more than just a folded sheet- these two pieces are so intricate that they make the audience consider the possibilities of the medium.


Between The Folds

Between the folds is a documentary that explores the art of paper folding and origami. I found this documentary really insightful- although it explored more traditional means of paper folding, there are still always techniques and information that is important. I think more than anything it has inspired me to push the medium. When i was watching it i was blown away by the things that are created from a single sheet of folded paper- nothing is added and nothing is taken away only changed and altered.


Colour Research

Incorporating colour into paper stitch. I want to use contemporary colours, and have researched wallpaper interiors with the intention of taking their colour palettes and using that as a base for my own work.

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Grey is a common colour in all of these palettes, and i feel that this would work well in the stitched patterns. After experiments as well, grey creates a gradient and gives a really nice 3 dimensional look. The closer the threads get together the darker it looks despite being the same colour threads the whole way through.


I want to continue to develop the pieces, and incorporate more colours, in the form of coloured paper for the base and threads on top of this.