Mint Event Decorations .2

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The event was taking place on the evening of he 7th of December meaning the entire venue had to be decorated on that day- inside had to be finished by 2 o’clock in the afternoon. Starting at 9 everything was finished by 3 oclock.

I was pleased with how our decorations looked- it would have been good to have seen the venue before we started making though. I realise that there wasn’t overly an awful lot of time between being briefed and the actual event so this would have been difficult to fit in. It would have benefited us in the sense that we would have known what the space was like before we arrived and we would have had more idea about where things would be going- and overall this may have sped up the process when we arrived on the day.



Mint Event Decorations .1


Both of us are more than capable makers, but we have run into an issue of space. The space we are working in isn’t huge and just so happens to be the communal area in the house- meaning it’s quite irritating to have lots of mess there where other people need to be. They seem to be understanding but this is the biggest problem we have faced so far. After the first batch of lanterns, we have around 30, which isn’t enough considering it’s to decorate a club environment. However we have run out of supplies so work has come to hault and has to continue tomorrow- not too much of a problem because by then we can reuse the space because everything else will be dry!

So far so good!

Mint Event Decorations

After meeting with Micaela to discuss the event we have begun making the decorations. We are working from images that were pulled form Pinterest that meet the winter, snow sports theme of the event which is on the 7th of December.


After being given a choice myself and Amelia have taken of the jobs of making a snowflake chandelier and some string lanterns that will be hung from the ceiling. Below is the Pinterest board we were shown at the initial meeting.


Due to other commitments and deadlines coming up, we don’t have as much time as we would like but have been able to dedicate most evening to completing this project- which also works in the sense that anything painted or glued will have over night to dry and the next step can be taken the next day. As there are two of us, it might work best if one person created the snow flakes for the chandelier while the other makes the string lanterns.

At the meeting we were told that they were more than happy for us to have creative control as long as it was roughly based around the images we had been shown. So we are currently working with trial and error to see what works and what doesn’t as well as how much time each of the items is going to take to make.







Skill Development: French Knots


French knots are a technique that i have used in previous projects- however i wanted to use them again and get better at using them to their full potential. The images above show a section of a larger piece of work where i have used french knots as a filler stitch. Below shows where i have used a simple single stitch to fill in a coloured area which i don’t think is as effective and it sags when you take it off of the hoop.

The only issue is with french knots is that they take forever- they look so delicate, and this is achieved through the time spent on them. I feel the above images show how i have used them to fill in type- and in doing so have managed to create a defined edge and defined shapes that are readable.

I intend to continue using these knots in my work wherever i can as they add texture. When making them though i find that thicker embroidery thread is more effective- and you don’t have to wrap the thread around the needle hundreds of times to make it visible! Also the base material used is important it has to be something strong- for example i have tried using chiffon before and it just wasn’t as effective- the material sagged and looked pretty rubbish.


After posting my work on my own personal instagram account i decided it was time to create a seperate one solely for my work. This time last year i would never ever have done this, i feel like i’ve finally found something that i’m good at and producing work of a high enough standard that i want to share it with people. I want to get feedback, whether that’s good or bad.

I have mad a conscious effort to follow other relevant practitioners- i want to use instagram as a place for promoting and sharing work but also as a kind of inspiration bank where all of the smaller not so established artists are that are doing really exciting things.

I’ve definitely found that social media is the way to go- i posted a photograph of my work onto facebook and got over 60 likes and lots of comments. The beauty of it is that it’s constant and instant- you can pretty much have it anywhere at anytime and reach such a vast amount of people that you can’t in any other way.

I intend to use this account to communicate with other practitioners- the beauty of instagram is that you can direct message someone, and they will get it instantly- it is more informal but sometimes this can be more effective in achieving an end result.

I don’t have many followers at the moment but i’m hoping that as i produce more work of a similar style, i’ll be able to get a larger following.


Skill development: Colour


One of my biggest aims for the PPP module was to develop my existing skills in order to improve the quality of my work. The images above are of a piece of work submitted to the COP 3 module where i have improved my skills greatly. I wanted to work in a more realistic way that was still illustrative. I have previously worked in a more cartoon esque style which i like but i thought i should try something a bit different. I am really pleased with the result of this. Using the thinner thread in a variety of red tones has meant that the colours fade into one and other almost seemlessly giving a more life like finish.

Prior to this piece i experimented with a variety  of different colours and thread – images below. The images below all use a thicker thread- and although there is some colour fading there it’s definitely not as effective as the thinner thread, whcih i think i will use for future works where i want to utilise this technique.



 Within the exhibition i helped curate i also showed my own work- picture above! This was a really good opportunity- although i’ve been endlessly sharing my work on social media, i feel that it is important to show it in the flesh. It can be fully appreciated then. Due to limited space within the exhibition venue i decided to submit my small mouth pieces and this turned out to be a really good decision.

Throughout the evening of the opening i received a lot of compliments on my work- people were taking pictures of them which i found so surprising! I spoke to one student from LCA who is on fine art, and he was very interested in the way i had produced the work as well as what it ‘meant’. I explained that essentially my work is provocative and it’s a conversation starter about the rights of women and the traditional stereotypes etc. and he agreed that i had done this well. His piece in the exhibition was also material based- and he suggested that in the future if the opportunity arises we should collaborate in some way.

The exhibition has definitely boosted my confidence, and made me more willing to share my work in the real world. I want to apply for more exhibition opportunities and plan to have a look on Curator Space and see if there are any appropriate opportunities.