Using ideas found in the Free the Nipple campaign i have created again a pair of images on found materials. The images above show a woman- again anonymous due to the lack of facial features- taking off her bra. An image most women will be able to relate to. Again this could be seen a provocative image- the woman is approaching a state of undress, to some this would be considered sexual. Instead of exploring the nipple in a way of showing it off i decided to concentrate more on what restricts women in showing off their nipples- and this is the bra in the majority of cases.



Final images-

The photographs above are the final images of the pieces i have decided to title Swimming, and Red Dress. I actually feel that they don’t photograph overly well- and the light hits them in a funny way which then distorts them slightly. However as a pair i feel they work really well together. With regards to the photographs above i feel that the image with the red background is the most effective.There is less distraction, and you can clearly make out the shape of the doilies which is a key part in expressing the message i had intended to.


Using images from the previous post i have decided to create two more embroideries to add to the collection i already have. I like these images as they incorporate more of the female form that the others- although i also like that the second one i have chosen here is anonymous because it doesn’t feature any heads, but it does look at the position of males in comparison to females.

I have found that this technique takes a lot longer than any of the previous works- but the final result is something that i am pleased with. These images are particularly provocative- they offer fairly sexual connotations, and i am interested to explore how this juxtaposed with the doilies affects the reaction of the audience and how they feel about the work.



Overly Sexualised Fashion Industry

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I have been exploring the representation of women in the media for my COP practical work and i’ve been shocked by how overly sexualised females are in fashion campaigns. In particular these from American Apparel- a shop found online as well as on high streets across the UK.

It is interesting to see their particular construction of femininity and in these cases it is definitely clear that a woman is a sexual object- these images are almost pornographic and definitely have an element of provocation about them. It seems highly unnecessary.

Grow a pair



Grow a pair explores the commonly used phrase grow a pair which is supposedly used as encouragement when people actively don’t really want to do something, or are afraid. I wanted to explore this as it is usually referring to testicles- as in, grow a pair of balls. I thought it would be interesting to apply this to a pair of ovaries and see what the reaction was.

I have taken a text book style image of ovaries- and used feminine colours to keep with the feminine theme. The text is clear- and fairly aggressive like that you would find on a protest banner. Therefore relating to my topic of women’s protest.