Prop Studios Research

“Launched in 1979, Prop Studios is a multi-award-winning company specialising in the design, project management, manufacture and installation of bespoke luxury retail window display schemes and in-store visual merchandising; as well as events, sculpture, set-builds and public art.”

After being given the chance to explore visual merchandising more over this module i have taken the time to do some research into the existing companies and design studios in the industries.

Prop studios focuses on luxury brands, and although this is not necessarily something i want to do right now i feel that it’s interesting to see what’s out there. Within the studio there is a design team who design the overall look of the display and then there is a team who make the display, those with specialist skills. The design team are responsible for coming up with a design and then visualising that for the client- producing Photoshop mock ups, budgets and sketches etc.

I feel that this structure is probably what is present in the majority of big VM companies, i would be interested in seeing how it all works and applying what i have been involved in on a small scale to a much bigger scale operation.

I have really enjoyed the challenge of working with little or no budget- i think it forces you to be more creative and come up with different outcomes to if there was a huge budget.




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