Love Arts Cover


The specification for the cover mentioned in the brief states that the nhs logo must appear in the top right hand corner of the design. as well as this they mention that usually text works best in the top half of the design. Taking these things on board above are the designs i have come up with.

The first is not good at all. The white logo looks completely out of place- so i first worked on removing the background of this in photoshop. Not something i’m confident with at all, this gave me the opportunity to master this skill- which i’m sure will come in handy in the future. I assembled the whole design in inDesign, which i am more familiar with. After removing the background of the logo i felt it looked much more professional- and flowed with the design so much better. The image being quite dark also meant i came across issues with the type- the only colour that seemed to work on the design was white- but even then some elements of the image were too bright that the type wasn’t clear.

The other issue with the above design is that it feels too big for the page. The image seems to wide- there isn’t enough of a border around the stitched piece which in turn makes the type look too wide set as i wanted it to be lined up with the edge to give it an organised and clean feel.


Thee above image is different to the one above- the background image was taken in portrait format so fits the specific measurements much better. If i was to do anything similar to this again i would look at the specific measurements before photographing anything- this would save a lot of hassle with cropping and resizing- also i really struggled to make the landscape photograph look good when cropped. Again i had to alter the colouring of the image which has taught me how to use feathering in photoshop and the importance of doing that. Here the space between the top of the stitiched piece and the type has been lightened.

The type does not sit well on this design- so i had another go to see how i could improve it. I feel that if i had complete freedom i would put the type in the bottom half of the design- but i feel in this instance it is important that  i work to the given specification.

Below is the final design i settled on.


It takes all of the elements discussed in the previous examples into consideration. I am pleased with how it has turned out and feel that i have really benefited from undertaking the brief. I now feel much more confident in using photoshop which is a skill that will definitely come in handy. As well as this talking to other people about my designs allowed me to understand some graphic design basics, that when entering competitions like this one are really important- i can also use these skills in future reports as well as on websites and blogs to improve the overall look of my work.


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