after creating a series of good final pieces that involved fold and stitch i was struggling to find another pattern to use. So i found myself looking online having a general search of tessellations in origami. I came across a series of videos on youtube that broke down the more complicated patterns.

Youtube has been so helpful for this particular project- i definitely have learned that i find it easier to through watching someone do something than just trying and failing numerous times. This particular design took around 3 hours to fold and an hour to draw up the correct lines. It was a good learning curve however it just isn’t right alongside the other pieces. I feel that it’s almost too complicated in the sense that that means it hasn’t been finished to the same standard. It looks a bit shabby. But took ages and should look really good. As well as this the paper has decreased in size so much that it looks completely out of place with the other designs.

One good thing i have taken from this experiment though is that the colour of the paper works really nicely and picks up a lot of the light and shadow adding to it’s 3d nature.


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