Coloured Paper Folds

Using the colour scheme found and discussed before i have set out to create a series of paper folds that can be stitched into. I want them to be visually beautiful but also explore the idea that one cannot exist without the other. They are two separate mediums but work so well together.

The pink looks really nice and the way that the light hits it does wonders for it’s 3 dimensional nature. After stitching the pattern in a turquoise i felt it was missing something. Although it looked good it looked fairly flat and i decided it needed a subtle lift so added a spec of silver thread. This silver thread gives in something extra- you can’t see it overly well all the time but when the light hits it you can. This piece has also made me realise the importance of lighting this sort of work- bad lighting does it no favours at all, which is something i really need to consider if i want to exhibit them.

This grey peice is succesful but i prefer the pink one. They work well together, but the paper fold here left little room for pattern designing i feel that i was limited in what i could do so the pattern doesn’t look as intricate as the one above.

The orange one is the final piece in this particular series again i’m not sure how effective it is- i feel that the fold doesn’t work overly well. i have realised that the fold that is chosen to work with is so important in creating the overlaying pattern. this links back to the existence idea mentioned at the beginning of the post- the fold dictates what patterns can be created and if the pattern doesn’t work with the fold it looks awful.


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