Reflect Decorations Test

Above are images of the process of making some examples of the pinata style shapes for the reflect party! they turned out better than i thought they would, i feel that to develop them further, a better quality paper would be good- this paper works okay but i feel like something more shiny would be even better- it would be nice to have it catch the light in a dark room- this is tissue paper so doesn’t reflect so much- it seems to be more absorbent of the light.

Of the two shown above i feel that the bigger shape works better- it holds it’s original shape better when covered in the paper- also it would be better to make bigger ones as they take nearly the same amount of time to make and they would fill the space better. With now what feels like enough to call it experience- when working in big spaces bigger is pretty much always better. I definitely think that a large number of these shapes will look really effective in the colour scheme shown on the mood board- you can get shimmer curtains in all of the colours so it would be nice to stay true to that!

This project is still in it’s early stages but is well under way.


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