Reflect event moodboard


Reflect is the name of the LCA end of year part organised by the students union. I have put together a mood board of ideas that i feel would suit the decor of the event which is being held at Temple of Boom. After talking to the organisers of the event, i understood that there was an air of metallic, shiny and almost galactic space surrounding the event. The space itself is fairly plain, meaning that there is lots of room for transformation.

People wanted the event to be fancy but not too fancy which has effected my thoughts on the decor. With a fairly small budget, i would like to transform the space into a classy shimmery paradise. Using the event poster as a starting point, i have taken a colour palette consisting of, light pink, light blue, silver and gold.

Reflect moodboard

At the moment i am still unsure on what the budget will be for the decor of the event- but as always i am trying my best to think of the cheapest options. The thing that i want to start with is the pinata style disco ball shapes- the diamond in the middle of the mood board. I think it’ll be best to make these out of cardboard and then cover them which is easily done. I feel it is best for me to make some prototypes that can be shown to the even planner that can then decide whether or not their appropriate. As well as this along with the mood board, it would be useful to have examples to show anyone who wants to get involved with helping. After the issues had on the Gide party decorations with people not understanding the tasks asked of them i think it makes sense to provide a good example to use as a base. As well as this making prior to the event will give me time to experiment with materials and decide on what to bulk buy.

A site visit to the venue of the even has been planned for the 20th of May giving a week to make the decorations before the event.


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