Colour Research

Incorporating colour into paper stitch. I want to use contemporary colours, and have researched wallpaper interiors with the intention of taking their colour palettes and using that as a base for my own work.

1ff7299b150e5f8cb3a2533e3854857c2b826edf976250a3f88e3b1ac8ccb999406dfd0135e709d165a0b418e722d774madison-grow 88d913b6a82f0bcc67cb7e8fc2a1b2b5

Grey is a common colour in all of these palettes, and i feel that this would work well in the stitched patterns. After experiments as well, grey creates a gradient and gives a really nice 3 dimensional look. The closer the threads get together the darker it looks despite being the same colour threads the whole way through.


I want to continue to develop the pieces, and incorporate more colours, in the form of coloured paper for the base and threads on top of this.


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