Shoddy Exhibition 

“Shoddy is the name for new cloth made from woollen waste and recycled fabric. This original meaning is now largely unknown, and the word has come to mean of inferior quality, shabby or broken-down. This is the starting point for a project by disabled artists working with woollen or other yarns and fabrics, or recycled and reused textile materials.

The exhibition aims to challenge ideas that disabled people are second-rate. Instead “shoddy” could be used to describe the government’s treatment of disabled people, with cuts to welfare benefits and public services.”

After seeing this exhibition advertised a while ago i was really interested in going to see what work would be there. As someone who is interested in textiles and pushing the boundaries of the medium i thought this was a good opportunity to see what other artists in Leeds are doing with the medium. The spread of work was really great- and so socially engaging which is really interesting. After being on a socially engaged course for three years it’s nice to see other people using their creative skills to raise awareness and make a difference. The above piece was particularly interesting and involved lots of scanned material being layered on top of each other. I like the way the piece has been exhibited and it was particularly striking in the space. I was immediately drawn to it’s bright colours.

Seeing an exhibition of entirely textile based work was actually really useful for me and got me thinking about exhibiting my work in the future. I feel that i need to find more opportunities to share my work with other people, and after this module i feel much more confident in talking about my work and i actually know what it is i want to produce, meaning this is something i can consider. With the end of year show quickly approaching i found it exciting looking at the ways the medium has been tested and made into other things- although textile based this piece isn’t what you would normally expect and this is something i feel i’d like to consider in my work for the show.




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