Paper and stitch #1


Above is an image of my first embroidery and paper combo using the tropical theme. It’s difficult, i like the piece but again i don’t feel that it’s anything special- it looks quite messy- and i’m beginning to think that the shape difference between the natural leaf and the geometric folds doesn’t work at all. It seem that it might be worth exploring this further and try and work with the folds rather than against them with something so different.

Other than that i think the colours work well and you can make out what it is which is important. the light is nice on it as well- from a distance you can’t see that the leaf is stitched over the folds- it almost looks separate from the folds. and then the folds create nice light and shadow which add another 3 dimensional element to it. It might be nice to make the leaves come away from the page- some could bee stitched flat while others move away from the page and have stitched details to keep with the overall continuity of the piece.


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