Bramley Elderly Action 21/04/2016


Installing the window display went really well and was quite straight forward, i felt i was really prepared and had all of the tools i needed and a plan of action before i got there making things a lot easier. After hanging the houses i was asked to make a display in the bottom half of the window as the carpet is horrible! I really enjoyed being creative with the props i was given, and being given the freedom to play around with how it looked. I feel that if i had the opportunity to do this again i would consider more how i could link the top and the bottom of the window together, i feel it looks nice but it doesn’t necessarily flow very well. The window though fairly small in comparison to Fabrication is quite an expanse- and being straight into the shop means you have to consider how far back you can go without being in the way of the normal goings on in the shop.



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