Paper fold embroidery

  After looking at trends and finding plants are very in and experimenting with this i decided to make the above leaf. From the embroideries i did of tropical house plants, i decided that i wanted to make something different from just a standard embroidery. So drawing inspiration from this i began folding paper (see previous post) and bending it in a certain way to see how i could alter it’s form to make it more three dimensional and then add to that with stitch. Over this module i have realised my interest in embroidery and paper craft, and it now seems like the perfect opportunity to combine both of those skill sets into creating something beautiful.

The process is time consuming. However it does look nice- the only issue i have with it is what is the point- it feels really decorative but i feel inspired to try more way of combining paper with stitch and see what the results are. This piece is just the start of the project which leave me a lot off room for development.



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