Love Arts Cover Design #2


With the theme of the Love Arts Festival being identity i brainstormed all of the things that for me personally link to that. I  created a mindmap and made notes on all of the things i could think of and one thing i kept coming back to was the idea of a name- that often becomes your identity- it’s who you are. I wanted to try and convey this in a possible cover to enter into the competition, and one way i thought i could do this was through creating a label, like when you’re a child and your mum stitches your name into your school jumper so no one else takes it home by accident!

I recreated the logo, but much smaller, on a piece of fabric which could then be folded in half and sit like a label in the back of a jumper. My only worry is that this is quite a conceptual idea- i’m not entiriely sure that it’s obvious enough- it could be misinterpreted. The other issue is finding an appropriate way to display it. As it is very small it would have to be an almost macro photograph. It’s then finding the appropriate setting, that links to theme but is also obvious enough if it’s a macro photo.

I really enjoyed making this piece and found it nice to work on something that was so small scale. Although working on such a small scale does present problems- it’s harder to scale down the logo for the festival, i don’t think the image is as crisp in this piece as the other, that could just be me being overly critical, but i think the quality of the other piece is higher.

But it is different, and i don’t know that anyone else will have thought of this idea!


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