The psychology of window displays

After working on several window displays i have become interested in the psychology behind the design of window displays, and how it is that they are expected to work. I found the below webpage very useful in understanding more contemporary ideas about visual merchandising, and have taken some information from this and applied it to my own work- in particular my latest project at Bramley Community Shop.

‘people might visit your store to enjoy a mood-changing experience’- links back to the initial meeting at the shop, they requested something that made people stop and look, it didn’t need to sell a product. They emphasised the fact that the window could be anything, but something creative was essential. They used the word inspirational and i feel that this related to the idea above of changing peoples mood. The shopping center is fairly run down, although has had some recent work- i feel that it was important to bring new life to the window, do something different in the hope of grabbing people attention.

‘Your window displays should be clean, colorful and simply organized.’- Colour is key in creating an impact- working with book pages meant that the houses themselves had little colour so it was crucial to experiment with ways of incorporating this. I wanted to make sure that the houses kept their 3 dimensional nature. I feel that logically the houses should have been painted, but i wanted to combine my embroidery skills with this. So experimented with different ways of adding colour through this process.



“Just like your eyes are the windows of your soul, store windows are the eyes of the store. Each window should tell a unique and compelling story “, says paco underhill

  • the handmade aesthetic of all of the windows i have been involved in give it soul- i feel you can see that someone has taken the time and cares about the display. It could be seen as a representation of the shop itself- it is clear that the aesthetic i have would not work in more corporate chain retail stores.




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