Further colour development

After the first attempt to add colour to the houses i tried another idea mentioned in that post about gluing a variety of coloured threads to the roof of each house. Above are the the results which i think are much more effective than the previous examples. Before i reached this decision i also tried attaching thread to the bottom of the houses and linking them together, unfortunately i forgot to take a picture of this!!! however i decided that the roof being colourful was a much better idea. I intend to create each mobile in a different colour above are the purple and blue ones. I want to relate this colour to colour of the cover of the book being used. So far i have purple, blue, pink, orange, and green. Considering the small space of the window i think this will be enough. And each being a different colour will define each individual mobile and break up the display to stop it becoming a see of printed book pages that are beige.

Using pva as opposed to stitching saved a lot of time- although the process is still time consuming i feel the aesthetic is so much better and worth the effort. The houses are also strengthened by the glue helping them hold their shape- making them look much cleaner than when stitched into.

Below are some images of the mobiles hanging in my bedroom whilst i developed them.






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