Love Arts Cover

After a brainstorm of all the ideas i could think of related to identity i came up with two separate ideas for a design for the love arts festival brochure. The first is this one below. I found that thumb prints were something that kept coming up- and they were one of the first things i thought of. They are different for everyone- and each is different like people. As well as this i was well aware that when two were placed at the right angle next to each other they could make a heart shape which was ideal as i wanted my design to recreate the love arts existing logo. I want the design to be really simple- i think the use of embroidery links to the idea of the therapeutic nature of the handmade- which is what the festival promotes. They talk about the arts being good for your mental health and i think this design does support that.


I have used all of the same colours as the original logo but added texture using different types of stitching. I then plan to photograph the piece really naturally so not to draw attention away from it.


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