Megan Geckler

For some inspiration for the Live art Bistro Brief i have been looking at examples of Visual Merchandising- i feel that event design and installations can take a lot from visual merchandising, and personally i think it’s very similar but often on a smaller scale. After discussing the use of wool to intersect the space, i began searching around for ways of making this possible and came across artist, Megan Geckler, whose work has been featured in Urban Outfitters flagship store window.


i like the way that she has taken a simple material, and made it something so beautiful. The way the lines intersect eachother create smaller pieces of art work and really transform the space they are in. I feel that this is something that we can apply to the LAB brief, in the meetings they have expressed the need for the space to be transformed, and immersive. The colours used here compliment each other well and highlight the importance of colour with this type of work, i.e. it wouldn’t work half as well if it was all the same colours! The work above offers a bisection of the space it is placed within, it breaks down what is there naturally and changes the focal points of a space, it is fascinating.


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