LAB meeting #1

 After deciphering the brief, Helen and i went for a meeting at Live Art Bistro to talk through the brief more, and possibly pitch some of our initial plans for the space. I had never been to the space, so it was good to see what we would be working with, and then being able to consider how to use the space to its full potential. As well as this we were able to learn more about the event which helped alter some of the ideas that we had already had.

We learned that, the space needs to be as open as possible, and the lady that we met with mentioned ‘open space technology’ which we then looked in to.


As something mentioned during the briefing at LAB it seemed important to look into what Open Space Technology is and the purpose it might play in our overall design. Essentially Open Space Technology allows for the participants at a meeting or event to lead the outcomes- there is no formal agenda and they decide what is and isn’t discussed. In that sense the design we chose needs to not lead or assert any particular angles or ideas.

Including this into our design means it needs to be something related to the idea of intersections, but not something that would lead conversations. We need to split the space into separate break off areas, and have decided that one way of doing this would be to name them- however doing so could lead the conversations had and begin the participants asking questions about why it is called that etc.

As the event is about artists having conversations with artists, the meeting seems to meet all of the Open Space Technology ‘conditions’ outlined by Harrison Owen. And therefore we need to consider our design being unobtrusive of the event itself, but at the same time we have to transform the space itself. For this reason i feel that the wool installation would be the best option- it doesn’t change the shape of the space but we could easily create different areas in different colours.




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