We decided to make the letters from cardboard as it is a very inexpensive material that looks really effective- i like how natural it is and how versatile it can be. Only problem is finding it! We spent the morning asking around shops and the university whether or not they had any cardboard they didn’t want. We managed to find quite a lot some of which was better quality than others but still cardboard all the same!

Another problem i encountered was when laser cutting. After setting the laser cutter to all the right settings, and lining up the cardboard, it seemed to all be going to plan and then it set on fire which wasn’t ideal. Not only did this cause a lot of mess in the laser cutting room, it also meant that some of the nicer cardboard was unusable and the process was slower. Some of the letters had to made into two separate files, meaning some of the lines were slightly out of line but nothing that couldn’t be fixed. When they were all cut out they look really effective and much better than the practice one we made out of foam board. And they cost nothing, meaning we have more money on other parts of the event.


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