Gide Decorations


Installation at the Old Red Bus station- we were not completely sure of the space we were working with before we got to the venue- when we had been to visit the space it was completely unfinished. When we arrived on the day the space still wasn’t finished although we thought that it would be. Had we known it wasn’t going to be chances are i would have put forward another theme rather than white. The decorations looked good, but something more striking and less delicate may have complimented the space better.

There were issues with being able to attach things to walls- most were concrete and we didn’t have a drill meaning we were limited as to where we could place some of the decorations. I feel as though knowing what the space was going to look like would have made such a big difference. We would have been able to plan where things were going- and possibly know how much of each thing we needed to properly cover the space.

The triangle structure that was projected on was the most successful part of the decorations. It was striking and gave the room a focal point. They were easier than expected to attach and we managed to do this with a few nails in each one. Although we hadn’t planned a layout- it was easy enough to fit all the pieces together and the layout looked good in the space.



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