Gide decorations 

The Gide party is being held in the old red bus station- which is currently still a building site. The space is quite big and will look very clinical with no decorations for the event. I decided to get involved with this and came up with the idea of having a white theme- fairly minimal but something that could then be projected onto.

The decorations have been delegated out to others who wanted to be involved- there are some people making string lanterns, clouds and different types of bunting. All in minimal white- some of textured papers and some on cellophane

We decided to work specifically with Ellie on her projections, and create a feature in the room that she would then be able to bring to life with colour projection. I liked the idea of the wall having some kind of texture- we initially thought about using paper fan shapes again in white but after experimenting with projecting onto them ellie decided that the shape was lost. Taking that on board i began experimenting with origami shapes that were far more simple.

The first image is the initial folds that were on a small scale- i realised that in order to cover enough space the pieces would have to be much bigger and decided to take a section of a folding pattern and try to create something out of that instead.

I broke the above fold into 4 which gave a pyramid shape- i personally really like this shape and it’s simple nature means none of the shape will be lost to the projection- and it’s easy enough for ellie to map onto. The simple nature of them also means we can work on creating one large arrangement. After talking to others on the decorations team, it was clear that glitter kept coming up in conversation- combining this with the white to give it a pop of something.   I experimented with this on the trial pyramids and thought it looked quite effective and combined with the light projection i thought it would look really effective and play on the 3 dimensional nature of the decorations. This was the only glitter to hand at the time- but i thought it looked okay. If it was all one colour it would look much better, and this is how we intend to implement it into the final design. I have ordered white glitter so it’s not too much but it adds a bit of sparkle!


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