Bramley elderly action 17/02/16

This morning i went to a meeting at the Elderly Action charity shop in Bramley. They have asked for some creative window displays that will grab peoples attention. The space is smaller than the previous windows i have worked on but i feel that this might be an advantage as i will be mainly working there on my own. Below are some notes i took during the discussion with the shop staff. One word that kept being mentioned was lovely- they want something that people want to look at and feel good about. Bramley as a place seemed quite grey- there wasn’t an awful lot of colour and this is something i could implement into my window display.


I personally love charity shops and am excited by the idea of giving things new life and repurposing them. As the shop don’t have a budget for the displays they have said i can go and look at the stock they have and route through it and use anything that i want to- as long as i okay it with them first!

We were talking about the idea of knowing the history of the items that are donated. Which sparked my imagination- an object is just an object until you learn more about it, about it’s emotional history etc. Why did someone buy it? Why did they like it? Why are they donating it? More ideas were thrown around and then i was able to see the donations room that is below the shop- it was like a treasure trove of all sorts of things! things they said they have lots of was fiction books, cds, and records as well as jigsaw puzzles. So at the moment i am considering these items into my design ideas.

The idea of using books links back to my earlier idea of the story of items- it might be nice to create an elaborate creative display out of books and book pages to enforce this idea of the history inside the shop.

The photographs below are images from inside the shop and images of some of the items that could be used within the display.



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