Gide signs 


The title of Gide is Welcome In, and this had to be incorporated into the window display design. To keep with the theme and style of the rest of the window, we decided to cut out the type in foam board and create the same green and yellow layered effect. To keep continuity with the logo we decided to use lights to make the text more obvious and similar to the logo. The link below shows a tutorial that was the main inspiration for this. We considered making marquee lights however after meeting with the Carriageworks we felt this would be too much in the window space- outside it may have worked but inside the space was far more limiting.

After reading the tutorial we decided to use El Wire- a thin string light that can be easily molded into the desired shape- and secured fairly hassle free, as we were having to make two this was almost essential! As well as this these sort of lights were fairly cost effective, and battery powered meaning they would work in the space as we aren’t able to plug them in to mains power.

The same as the other panels for the windows the image was put into illustrator and made into a vector file at A1 size- this was then opened in the laser cutter and cut accordingly.

The next step was to secure the lights to the foam board in the shape of the text. First time round we used the glue gun to hold the wire in place- this seemed fairly straight forward but after being left over the weekend the glue dried and the pressure on it meant the wire came out of shape. So after rethinking we decided to secure it using thread at certain points to hold the shape. This was a much longer process than gluing but it looked more effective and was more secure than first time round.

    Although the signs will be shown in the daytime the images show them in the dark- the shapes are really clear and have turned out really effectively. It would be nice to be able to use the signs for more than just the day time event as then they could be seen at their full potential.


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