Amelia asked me after getting some feedback, whether i would help her redesign her cv and in the process design her a logo. Although i wouldn’t call myself a graphic designer i do have some experience, and said i would do my best. This gave me a chance to use illustrator and indesign and further my understanding of them as programmes.

The only things that were crucial from Amelia was that it was a hand drawn sort of messy style that reflected the playful aesthetic of her films, and that it incorporated all three of her names in order to be consistent with her online platforms- vimeo, cargo etc.

I began with playing around with type as it was the focal point- these were then scanned into illustrator and traced to give them a digital feel. I felt that the logo itself would look good on a photograph background, so i asked Amelia to find either a screen shot from her film footage, or a still image as this is also part of her practice. We settled on a fairly abstract image that was quite dark which meant the logo almost certain had to be in white in print. I felt this would work well for the cv as it draws attention to the top of the page and moves away from being completely full of writing- although if it needed to be printed in black and white that would also be fine!


new logo


Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 13.08.16


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