img_1823 the window itself being quite a small space meant that me being nearly 6 foot wasn’t very useful- so i was outside, directing the group in the window with where to place the pieces we had attached to cardboard to make the process quicker and easier.

When we arrived at the shop there was some confusion with which window the installation would go into- the other window is very similar to this one in size, but had a display in it already so the shop assistants directed us to the empty one- which we later found out wasn’t the right one!

The installation process went fairly smoothly as we had number the pieces so that we could recognise an order and efficiently recreate the layout we had tried. As the back wall is made of wood, it was easy enough for the pieces to be stapled together- so this was fairly seamless. One issue we did face was the gap seen on the right hand side that is the entrance to the space- the pieces of cardboard we had were not big enough to fill the space completely but with some re jigging of the other pieces we were able to join the smaller ones together leaving a tiny space to squeeze out of!



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