Laser Cutter and backgrounds

Laser Cutting- I have never used the laser cutter before and this project offered a good opportunity to see how i could use it in other areas of my practice. This has allowed me to work on some illustrator skills as well- although basic something that is very useful. The shapes we cut out as a result were really clean cut so they looked much more effective- this also meant the time taken was much less, meaning we could produce more in a shorter space of time.

When the laser cut shapes were assembled we decided that we may need to think about how we use the pattern within the display. As well as the use of colours. After a lot of playing around and almost giving up i decided that we should try and arrange the flowers with only the central part patterned- and all the petals the same colour. The image below shows these- and they look much better than the ones above- the use of lots of pattern meant that the shapes of the cut out pieces of card was lost- it was too busy and almost offensive.


Next issue is whether or not the flowers get lost on an entirely white background- they look sparse and seem to need some kind of context. The intention was that the flowers would have leaves with them to bulk out the huge window! Below are some mocked up images of possible layouts that we have discussed- the original sunburst style shape is going to be harder than we thought and maybe not quite as effective so these are other options!


From theses images the intention is now to work on an arrangement. I feel that using the wall space in the studio at uni before we put it into the window space, will allow us to gauge the scale, as well as how full the image needs to look to not get lost in the space. I personally think the second image is a better example of what would work best- the flowers look lost in the white space- the second image is more appealing to the eye and flows better in the space.


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