Mint Event Decorations .2

12333134_10153653049311488_1840696336_o12342930_10153653049736488_1829258781_o (1)12342943_10153653124826488_354205542_oIMG_5150IMG_5152IMG_5171IMG_5174

The event was taking place on the evening of he 7th of December meaning the entire venue had to be decorated on that day- inside had to be finished by 2 o’clock in the afternoon. Starting at 9 everything was finished by 3 oclock.

I was pleased with how our decorations looked- it would have been good to have seen the venue before we started making though. I realise that there wasn’t overly an awful lot of time between being briefed and the actual event so this would have been difficult to fit in. It would have benefited us in the sense that we would have known what the space was like before we arrived and we would have had more idea about where things would be going- and overall this may have sped up the process when we arrived on the day.



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