Mint Event Decorations

After meeting with Micaela to discuss the event we have begun making the decorations. We are working from images that were pulled form Pinterest that meet the winter, snow sports theme of the event which is on the 7th of December.


After being given a choice myself and Amelia have taken of the jobs of making a snowflake chandelier and some string lanterns that will be hung from the ceiling. Below is the Pinterest board we were shown at the initial meeting.


Due to other commitments and deadlines coming up, we don’t have as much time as we would like but have been able to dedicate most evening to completing this project- which also works in the sense that anything painted or glued will have over night to dry and the next step can be taken the next day. As there are two of us, it might work best if one person created the snow flakes for the chandelier while the other makes the string lanterns.

At the meeting we were told that they were more than happy for us to have creative control as long as it was roughly based around the images we had been shown. So we are currently working with trial and error to see what works and what doesn’t as well as how much time each of the items is going to take to make.








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