Skill Development: French Knots


French knots are a technique that i have used in previous projects- however i wanted to use them again and get better at using them to their full potential. The images above show a section of a larger piece of work where i have used french knots as a filler stitch. Below shows where i have used a simple single stitch to fill in a coloured area which i don’t think is as effective and it sags when you take it off of the hoop.

The only issue is with french knots is that they take forever- they look so delicate, and this is achieved through the time spent on them. I feel the above images show how i have used them to fill in type- and in doing so have managed to create a defined edge and defined shapes that are readable.

I intend to continue using these knots in my work wherever i can as they add texture. When making them though i find that thicker embroidery thread is more effective- and you don’t have to wrap the thread around the needle hundreds of times to make it visible! Also the base material used is important it has to be something strong- for example i have tried using chiffon before and it just wasn’t as effective- the material sagged and looked pretty rubbish.


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