After posting my work on my own personal instagram account i decided it was time to create a seperate one solely for my work. This time last year i would never ever have done this, i feel like i’ve finally found something that i’m good at and producing work of a high enough standard that i want to share it with people. I want to get feedback, whether that’s good or bad.

I have mad a conscious effort to follow other relevant practitioners- i want to use instagram as a place for promoting and sharing work but also as a kind of inspiration bank where all of the smaller not so established artists are that are doing really exciting things.

I’ve definitely found that social media is the way to go- i posted a photograph of my work onto facebook and got over 60 likes and lots of comments. The beauty of it is that it’s constant and instant- you can pretty much have it anywhere at anytime and reach such a vast amount of people that you can’t in any other way.

I intend to use this account to communicate with other practitioners- the beauty of instagram is that you can direct message someone, and they will get it instantly- it is more informal but sometimes this can be more effective in achieving an end result.

I don’t have many followers at the moment but i’m hoping that as i produce more work of a similar style, i’ll be able to get a larger following.



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