Exhibition curation

 Some friends of mine have decided to hold an exhibition in their student house to showcase works of many different disciplines. They needed some help with the curation and the moving of work from the university to their house so i volunteered myself. They seemed to have not much of a plan at firs except get the work to the hose and then see.

It was a hard days work actually- the basement in the house seemed like it hadn’t been cleaned for years meaning it was filthy and dusty and took a while to be tackled. After the majority of the first day was taken up cleaning and organising the house to best utilise the small amount of space available we were able to begin discussing the positioning of work. I suggested that the best way to decide what went where was to hang one piece that we all agreed on and use that as a starting point- this seemed to work really well and although maybe not the most considered way to start it got the ball rolling and soon enough there was a lot of work up on the walls that complemented the pieces that surrounded it.

I personally found that curating the exhibition was a team effort- and everyone had opinions often everyone had completely different opinions but that made it interesting. Due to the opening of the exhibition being the following day it didn’t leave much time for discussion- everyone was of the understanding that the decisions needed to be quick but effective.

I personally am terrible with diy- i’ve never tried to do it and that showed. Luckily within the group of us there was a good distribution of skills- everyone has different skills and some were stronger then others- mine weren’t diy, but i was good a placing different art works together and looking at the way they were hung in comparison to each other. This was an opportunity for me to develop my diy skills though- i now have a strong understanding of the need to use a spirit level at every given opportunity- work looks terrible if it’s accidentally hung on the wonk!

Overall the exhibition was a great opportunity to get involved in something outside of university- and it gave me an opportunity to work with people from other courses and people i hadn’t worked with before. I also think that if there was the opportunity to do something like this again i would really like to get involved.




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