Within the exhibition i helped curate i also showed my own work- picture above! This was a really good opportunity- although i’ve been endlessly sharing my work on social media, i feel that it is important to show it in the flesh. It can be fully appreciated then. Due to limited space within the exhibition venue i decided to submit my small mouth pieces and this turned out to be a really good decision.

Throughout the evening of the opening i received a lot of compliments on my work- people were taking pictures of them which i found so surprising! I spoke to one student from LCA who is on fine art, and he was very interested in the way i had produced the work as well as what it ‘meant’. I explained that essentially my work is provocative and it’s a conversation starter about the rights of women and the traditional stereotypes etc. and he agreed that i had done this well. His piece in the exhibition was also material based- and he suggested that in the future if the opportunity arises we should collaborate in some way.

The exhibition has definitely boosted my confidence, and made me more willing to share my work in the real world. I want to apply for more exhibition opportunities and plan to have a look on Curator Space and see if there are any appropriate opportunities.



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