A place for embroidery?

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 16.32.02

After some research into similar works to my own i have found that there is a place for embroidery in a more commercial world. I’ve scoured easy, which is the home of all things arts, crafts and handmade.

After a tutorial it has come to my attention that in order to make a living from my practice i need to create things that are more ‘sellable’. I have found some good examples of contemporary themed works that have been made into pieces that are almost twee and suitable to be displayed in the home. Simply adding a frame to work makes it a piece that can be sold.

Looking at other work that is out there, i feel that i could definitely create something that would seek and create some kind of income. I’ve found a lot of work that i absolutely hate and this has acted as inspiration to create and put out there work that is of a better standard. i hate to think that embroidery as a technique is being horribly represented!

Making my work more affordable is important. Currently i am spending a lot of time creating my pieces, and therefore i feel i would have to ask a lot for them. I have decided that making smaller patch style embroideries that could be made into iron on badges would be more marketable. These smaller pieces will still follow the current themes of my work, mainly feminism and the idea of protest.


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