COP 3- summer research

Beginning my research by reading ‘The Subversive Stitch’, i have come to realise that i want to concentrate my cop 3 on feminism- and in particular – craft and embroidery and it’s effect on women’s protest.

It is clear that femininity and the connotations associated with that, have strong and clear links to embroidery throughout history- “embroidery has become indelibly associated with stereotypes of femininity“- The Subversive Stitch- it is also described as an “expression of femininity”. How is it that women have used something that is seemingly an oppressive process for them to benefit their social status and position. I want to draw links to the work of suffragettes in the late 19th and early 20th century who used embroidery as a way of petitioning. As well as more recent examples from the Chile Pinochet embroidery series that documented social realities, disappearances, torture and economic hardship during a troubled time in Chile. And then more contemporary works from the Craftivist collective- and the individual artists that work beneath that collective.

Personally i feel that embroidery is a successful way of expressing ones own opinion and clearly from historical examples- it does what it is intended to do. It is a process that requires so much, that it in a sense becomes the maker- their personality and opinions can be worked into the pieces- they have entire control.



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