Found objects

I realise that embroidery can be seen as a bit samey, someone said in a group tutorial that they liked my work but it’s the same technique so is it not a bit boring- the answer my friend is no! So i’ve been researching more contemporary stitch work that plays with surface- i have experimented with the surface of my stitch work in briefs during live but the images below take it to a whole new level.

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I like the idea that you could use a surface that connotates something about a chosen topic for example if you were talking about female stereotypes using kitchen equipment. I feel this is a good way to bring stitch and embroidery into a more modern world- the technique would be traditional but the surface something completely bizarre.


I find work like this really inspirational- it shows that you can push something so far, and the completely bizarre can turn into something really beautiful. I intend to experiment with surfaces more as i move through the next year and feel it might be a really good way to begin creating practical work for cop3. I think i need to remember to be playful with my techniques, i work on ideas as they come to me and they are constantly developing and changing.


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