craftivist collective

For live project i’ve been looking everywhere to find out what’s going on in the world of stitch- and this website seems pretty prominent. People are using craft to express their thoughts on society- i think it’s a brilliant idea.

What i like about craft is that it is such an individual and personal thing- it takes time and you put a lot into something that can be so very small. Activism with craft is a great idea, taking something personal but making it relevant to so many- differently to digitally produced activism posters craft is on a personal level- there is a certain element of a human. There’s something about the hand made that makes people nostalgic and thoughtful! If someones has taken the time to express their opinion so delicately i think you can safely say it’s something that they really do care about.

I feel my work could fall into this category- it seems to have elements of celebrating females and the feminine in it which could appear to have feminist connotations.



I feel this project is something i could definitely get involved in- it takes the ethos of vis com and makes it crafty so it’s pretty much perfect in that sense! They host events all over the World and i’ll keep an eye out for one that i could attend in the UK!


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