Craft cartel


Craft cartel- an Australian based craftivist group created the above piece of street art ‘cunt fling ups’ in the name of feminism with the purpose of challenging the censorship around the female genitalia. The piece is categorised as street art and described as like seeing a pair of trainers tied together and flung over a power line- this idea is often seen as a way of claiming territory. And in a similar way to the shoes they want to reclaim spaces for women and their genitalia by doing the same!

It’s really interesting to see how many people are using craft as a means of campaigning- again i think the handmade element gives a sense of the personal- it shows someone really cares about the issue. I like the way that this piece incorporates a shock factor- it’s not something people will expect and it will intrigue which is important with something like this. It gets peoples attention as much as a flash mob would making it a really successful piece!


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