Initial stitched illustrations from initial drawings- seem a bit flat so wanted to make them look a bit more lively- added cotton wool as it was the only thing i had to hand that would work- however it worked really well- secured with a stitch. The initial stitching took absolutely ages- which was a pain but ii couldn’t just draw straight onto the fabric as i couldn’t see the outline- i need to research how to get around this whether there’s a special pen you can get or something.            All in all it was a fiddly hand process- after getting some feedback i found that i needed to make it look more ‘vaginary’ and set about making this happen- i had purposely used a thread that was a similar colour to the fabric as i thought it made it look less in your face- you have to look closely to see what it actually is.

I was recommended a quilting book that had many fabric manipulation techniques in it and a friend told me there was one that looked some what like a vagina. This is something i’ve attempted before in a wider sense- however in this instance the outcome wasn’t as i had hoped. The material wasn’t the right thickness so couldn’t hold itself up properly meaning mine was not as effective as the book examples.


So far the process has gone well and i’ve learned how to use my new sewing machine as well which is a bonus! I feel that i’ve tried processes i haven’t really before- and although they’ve not been successful this time i think i could incorporate them later on in my work somehow, now i know what kind of materials to use.


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