Banter Bunting?

I’ve decided that i want to make vagina bunting- if i’m honest it’s because i think it is a really funny concept parading a vagina around in a celebratory fashion. Which does lead to a kind of social commentary. I appear to be looking at the things that women don’t like to talk about- it’s very rare that women want to talk about their downstairs areas but it’s something that should be celebrated!

I want to continue with the idea of taking something not seen as all that beautiful and make it beautiful. I want a viewer to question themselves- i can hear people saying ” oh is that vagina bunting?”. This is going to be a fairly quick project however i am planning to combine elements of 3d within the pieces- much like my previous piece ‘the cats got your tongue’.

The images below are initial sketches and drawings of the idea. The basic vagina outline has been taken from text book like illustrations- i am using these very loosely as a basis and want to have a more creative outcome than these illustrations.



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