Subject Matter

Idiom project continued- After tutorial it was suggested to be less obvious with my illustrations, and think about using different materials as a base for the stitch work. FUR! swa fabric lille It seems that embroidery into fur works well, the piece above is really effective- i feel that i should maybe buy some fur and spend some time playing around with it and see where that leads. I’m planning to use a similar image to the one in the previous post but maybe only embroider the mouth, and then the fur will act as the cat. 2529472-heap-of-potato-peelings-isolated-on-white-background  

I began experimenting with fur- i practiced some simple stitches in the fur and it seems to go okay- however when it came to stitching the more complicated image it wasn’t as effective. The fur is difficult to work with as it’s a dark colour you can’t see any outline so the piece would be completely free hand which meant the shapes weren’t quite right and i really wasn’t pleased with the result- i tried everything i could think of  including pinning the image reversed to the material and stitching through that. It just wasn’t as i had imagined which was frustrating and made me feel like i had wasted a lot of time and achieved very little. Which lead me to rethink the idea altogether.

The images below are the ones i much happier with- i honestly feel they are more effective as well. You can actually make out what the piece is supposed to be- and after asking a few other people what they think it seems that this option is just generally more effective.

I didn’t want to be as obvious as this image is- but it just works so much better and it has been nice to combine a 3 dimensional element with the 2d stitching as it’s something i haven’t previously tried. Throughout this whole module i have really developed my skills- which is something i set out to achieve.



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