Love arts window 

After a group meeting today we have finally arrived at a theme for the love arts window project- the overriding theme is mental health and we have decided that as a group we have an interest in the handmade and making processes. So we want to convey the therapeutic-ness of making and how it can be good for the mind.

We have decided that instead of a very literal representation of this we want to have a more abstract and creative response based on colour, pattern and shape. We also discussed the use of colour as a conveyor of the fact that with mental health, nothing is just black and white, everything far more complicated and complex.

After deciding this i’ve done some further research into the kind of visual i personally find quite pleasing on the eye.

55fb9cc9843b84879ff4e75989e0daec 61eefd9dde2d60d328596644719a1172 91c6d7dc3f2739963424e6b1b17be0fc

The three examples above combine a handmade element, and colour which are the two concepts we want to combine. I feel there is a risk that the handmade element could become child craft like, and i think it’s important that we try and avoid this.

more ideas can be found on the pinterest board above…


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