Live Possibilities & problems

Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 09.57.41

Mr X Stitch describes itself as ‘the world’s best contemporary embroidery and needlecraft site!’.

They take submissions and say they are keen to showcase new artists. I am yet to find an opportunity such as this to really showcase my work, i’m struggling to see where it really sits within the exhibition world, however this would be an ideal opportunity. I want to develop my collection a bit further first, but i intend to send them an artist statement and a brief description about my work, and see wether i can get some feedback or wether they are willing to display my work.

I have found after extensive research that a lot of opportunities within the ‘craft’ world are for selling, for example arts and crafts fairs looking for traders- or people to sell their own personal work. I don’t feel that this are suits my practice, i’m not working with the intention of selling my work however i do realise that this might be the best way into the industry and the best way to get noticed. It’s maybe a stepping stone.


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