WITH so far…


So far the WITH project has been a complete learning curve. As a group we’ve learned so much about how to teach other people skills as well as learning things about what we’re trying to teach them.

For me personally i feel i’ve become more confident when working with the group, i’m not so worried about what they think of me, and take it more s putting on a character for them to relate to. It’s sometimes difficult to engage the children but now we’ve worked with them a few times they seem more open to our ideas and the activities we have planned for them.

Organisation has been key, and to be honest we’ve not been overly organised often leaving things a little late. Our equipment hasn’t turned up, but that has meant we’ve had to think on our feet a bit and be prepared with a back up plan.

I feel that in the group situation i have leaned that my opinion is just as important as anyone else’s, and although this is a project where we want the participants to have the most fun they can, we also need to be comfortable and get something out of it as well. This project has definitely opened my eyes to the idea of community work and made me consider this as a possibility for the future.


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