COP3 Proposal

The prominence and importance of the ‘handmade’

– I want to further explore handmade practice and the effect and influence it can have in society. I plan to research into craftivism, and look at historical movements that have helped in creating a handmade revolution.

– For the practical element i want to work with textiles, and possibly create a book, or series of illustrations.

Two examples of work similar to what i might like to create:

diss diss1


Handmade to sell (2012)

“despite a loss, the handmade community is still going strong. In 2011, Crafty Bastard Arts and Crafts Fair recorded more than 30,00 attendees. etsy now has more than 400,000 sellers, the Ravelry boasts more than 2 million users.”

“The handmade community may in some sense be “against” technology, but technology has also helped create the handmade community”

Other texts-

Extra/Ordinary: Craft and Contemporary Art- Maria Elena Buszek (2011)

Making is connecting- David Gauntlett (2013)


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