I need to make my embroidery work more interesting. It’s enough for it to look nice, but it needs to do more than just look nice, it needs to make people think. I’m still continuing with the STIs under a microscope theme, and am trying to find more interesting ways of displaying them than simply in an embroidery hoop.

At the moment i think i could embroider the HIV image onto a baby grow, as although HIV is a disease that is slowly becoming more and more treatable with the development of new medicines, there are still many cases, in the UK and the rest of the world.

After some research i found that more than 240,00 children were infected with HIV during 2013- which is equal to 700 new infections everyday. Millions more children are effected everyday by the impact of the virus on their families. 190,oo0 children died of AIDs related illnesses during 2013 out of 1.5 million people overall.

The other thoughts i’ve had so far are embroidering onto underwear, sanitary towels, clothing, towels, bed sheets, and pillow cases. After looking onto some of the myths and facts about STIs i thought some of these would be good directions to follow. For example a common myth is that you can catch an STI from a toilet seat, which is inaccurate. For this i could embroider a toilet seat cover.


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