Initial drawings & feedback

Scan 13Scan 12Above are the initial drawing for the heart i am planning to make. After a crit with other members of the year group i found that my idea was quite strong and worked because it wasn’t too over complicated although there were suggestions made on how it could be improved.

It’s important that i have a strong idea behind the piece, what is the reason for it? after some research i have found that it takes between 10 and 100 years for a plastic bag to bio degrade in land fill if it is exposed to sunlight. I feel this idea would work well with the aesthetics of the piece. The numbers link to ages of humans, not many people live to be older than 100. Although i feel it would be interesting to highlight the fact that humans are likely to die long before the plastic bags they have used in their lifetime have even broken down in landfill sights.


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