One Size Fits All

I stumbled across this article on Facebook, and I’ve found recently that Buzzfeed do publish some really interesting and often controversial articles that are highly entertaining as well as informative.

This one in particular got me thinking. It’s something I’ve often wondered, how ‘one size fits all’. Scientifically this is impossible, and i’m pretty sure we all know that, but I’ve never seen anyone test it like they have here.

Body image is such a huge part of society today, and i know for a fact that almost everyone has hangups about some part of their body, and if they say they don’t i would almost definitely assume that they’re telling a little white lie. Honestly this article is a brilliant way of expressing the fact that it’s okay to be different, one size doesn’t fit all and it never will and that’s perfectly okay! Rather than telling society that they’re too fat or too thin articles like this seem far more effective in letting people know that it doesn’t even matter!


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