Creative Conscious

For my creative conscious project i want to focus on the idea of a bag for life. I get really annoyed in my house as we have hundreds and hundreds of plastic bags, and we never reuse them and then they just end up in the bin which is completely unsustainable. The plastic in the bags isn’t biodegradable, or takes hundreds of years to decay. These bags clog up the landscapes, they’re horrible to look at, and they are just everywhere.

I wanted to make unused plastic bags as the media, make them into something that might be slightly more useful. I went to the group tutorial with the idea of ironing the plastic bags which makes them have a stronger surface and then creating possibly a cushion, or blanket. However when discussing this it was suggested that i should look at the ‘life’ aspect of the project. What lasts forever and the suggestion was that the human heart lasts for life. Without it the body doesn’t function.

Therefore i have come to the idea of creating a human heart entirely of unused plastic bags.


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